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21 Years Behind The Brush

…ooo…this is the first page I did with a brush…Scan 781

…actually it’s got some pen work in it as well, but my confidence that the brush was a good idea took a couple of years to “take”…

…can’t remember the context for the idea…

…or which publication it appeared in…

….(possibly a capping mag’)….

12 responses to “21 Years Behind The Brush

  1. stripman

    And it looks great !

    I’ve used a brush for years, because all of my favourite comic artists did. (Walt Kelly !)
    But you have to draw on big sheets of paper, this is not handy if you want to scan them. So I’m back to felt tip pens…

  2. This is a technical discussion of which I have little knowledge, except I used brushes and pens for calligraphy back in the day and always thought they are both excellent pieces of kit. Your drawing/painting is fab of course.

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