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If You Are Going To Steal Records

…don’t steal rarely seen cool shit like this….IMG_5950

…and don’t write your name in the cover…

…and don’t identify who you stole it from…

…even if you do use pseudo-pet-names….


especially in a small pond like Dunedin…

…where the degree of separation is so minimal that it is, to all intents & purposes, non-existent…

….I know who you both are and I’m pretty sure everyone else could take an educated guess!!

…(Booger Heazlemunter…we have your Lp and info’ that will lead to the arrest of the perpetrator!!!).

6 responses to “If You Are Going To Steal Records

  1. ginbralter ⋅

    I know who they are and I am in Andalusia Spain! News travels fast, the Guardia are on alert should the bastards turn up on these shores, or I could pay a gypsy to do some nifty knife throwing, whilst dancing a Fandango.



  2. Duane not the sharpest tool in the box then 😀

  3. That’s some good detective work there, Tony.

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