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Finally After All These Years

…I get what was literally promised to me in an article I read about second record trading…IMG_6027

…hard cash monies in the record covers!!!!…

…the author said he’d found joints/lsd tabs/and money in lp covers ALL THE TIME…

…this is my first find in nigh on 15 years behind the counter….


…and that is how much it turned into in local cash…

…even Liz was happy with that…


…(still waiting for the joints & lsd to show up…looks like Liz may have got to them first…).

9 responses to “Finally After All These Years

  1. stripman

    Liz is still a good looking bird, considering her age…;o)

    But who’s the guy on the greenback ? That’s not good old George…

  2. A queen always trumps a president 😊 good result on the exchange rate.

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