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Whilst Your Parents Aren’t Watching

…that rare and collectable tape cassette copy of Disney’s “The Beauty & The Beast” soundtrack that you’ve always wanted?…IMG_6141

…why yes, children, I have one right here….

….how much?….IMG_6140

…how much did you have?



…(and before you start laying complaints…no children were fleeced during the making of this “staged” photo-post…their parents were complicit & gave permission for the photos to be used…..oh, and $100 for a tape cassette?…I am not yet ready to take that pebble from the buying public’s hand).

9 responses to “Whilst Your Parents Aren’t Watching

  1. stripman

    O, the pitfalls of capitalism ! Even the smallest of children are corrupted…;o)

  2. They are cute! You could sell them for more than 100 😊

  3. New Fiend ⋅

    I’d pay that for a copy of “Disease” by The Terminals… or “Hurry On Down”… or “I Hate Pavel Tichy’s Guts”…

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