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Many Frogs Will Be Harmed

Scan 807




…(the last story arc I worked on with Cornelius Stone….my first multi pager with a brush….kill…kill the frogs….).

12 responses to “Many Frogs Will Be Harmed

  1. stripman

    Thankfully it’s only make believe… or as they say these days: virtual reality…

  2. You should get him COD (and DON’T do fish jokes) the WW2 one is right up Oyoy’s street.
    Now what I find most interesting about this drawing is in the bottom centre frame about the video game. Go to the big version you get a better idea, and the bottom left hand square with the frog going DIDIT in it flickers along the straight lines up & down. Cool effect, very impressed, how did you get it to do that?

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