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Master Blaster Plaster Caster


….before skateboard…. chilling’ with Too Tone regular, Floyd….IMG_5979


…after skateboard….IMG_6209

…(they do camo’ casts now?!?….stop it, you’re just encouraging him!)…

…all up & functioning for….


….see you all there….

…(poster by me!)

…and it’s his birthday so I’ve cleaned my tunes….IMG_6264 IMG_6265

…happy birthday Jungle Fari.

10 responses to “Master Blaster Plaster Caster

  1. ThAts your awesomest post ever.

  2. Phenomenal poster!!! I love it!

    Okay- that’s not your cast is it? (I’m fairly dense sometimes.) Floyd is the dog? And that’s you in the top photo? (Can’t be. No skull ring, no goatee.) Or is that Jungle Fari? Either way- I agree with Frag… COOL HAT and shades!!! The dog is a cutie too. (Yes Jungle Fari, or whatever his name is… is also very cute.) (As are you Tony.)

    Not too late for me to catch a plane and attend the soiree!

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