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In Absentia

…after taking my cold/man flu out to that gig at the Crown on Thurs’ night I had nothing left in the tank to take part in this….IMG_6402


…sorry guys, I know you were relying on my photo journalistic “skills” for promoting the album… lieu of turning up I thought I’d share this pic’ of Callum thinking about what to write down as he listens to the rough mix instore @ Too Tone…IMG_5936

…and this pic’ of Callum writing the stuff he thought of down instore @ Too Tone…


…and this pic’ of Seedy thinking about how many pages of stuff Callum is going to write down whilst he is instore across the road at the New World Supermarket….



…and this picture of a starfish because Met’ lives in Invercargill and that is too far to go for a pic’ of him thinking and/or writing stuff down….IMG_6381

….buy this….


….CD avail’ at Too Tone…


…support the vinyl campaign here…

…and don’t go out late on a week day if you have a CD release to attend.

9 responses to “In Absentia

  1. aw well that’s a shame, you need to learn to pace yourself really 🙂 love the starfish 🙂 reminds me of Octopussy.

  2. Get some rest young man! That’s an order!!
    Great photos. Always love seeing what’s going on in your corner of the world.

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