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Blast It All To Hell

…if I’d called the sketchbook dump I posted early this week “A Fistful Of Pages”….Scan 783 Scan 784Scan 790 Scan 791 Scan 792Scan 804 Scan 805Scan 808 Scan 809Scan 826 Scan 827Scan 835 Scan 836

…then this one could have been titled “For  A Few Pages More”….

…curse you hindsight!

14 responses to “Blast It All To Hell

  1. Love seeing your sketch much work and energy…and I love yer squid (ooer missus!)….

  2. Uh… WOW!!!! (I need to practice more.) Inspiring pages young man.

  3. Blimey! There’s so much more going on in Tootonesland than we ever get to see coloured in! Luv it.

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