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Whatcha Got On The Side Of Your Hat Tony

…oh, you mean that cool pin?….IMG_6561

…the one made out of hundreds and thousands set in resin…with handy lapel pin attachment on the back?…


…why, I got it at the Artsenta exhibition at  the community gallery on Princes St…just south of the Octagon…it runs till Friday and it’s an awesome mixed media show….


…(I also got this cool skull & crossed bones book sculpture, hurry whilst stocks last)….

…mmmm…not in a record shop.

8 responses to “Whatcha Got On The Side Of Your Hat Tony

  1. Great purchases, the book sculpture is so you, the badge, well meh. The book though, it’s mint. 😊

  2. ginbralter ⋅

    Terrific Pin, reminds me I have Liquorice All Sorts Cufflinks in a drawer somewhere. Out of record shop can only make one stronger.

    Lord x


    • …do you have shirts that require cufflinks?…do they still make those?…(my definition of clothes runs to “can you pull them on over your head?…no?…then they’re pants”….)….

  3. Ah I love the pin and the book!! The book is crazy cool- the pin I like, but it makes me hungry for candy!

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