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18 responses to “I’ve Been So Distracted Lately

  1. Love this so much. I’m glad I found your work. 🙂

  2. Ah wow, best card of all, you rock even upside down. I’m glad I found you too, though I can’t remember how. 🐸

  3. I absolutely LOVE this card too!!!
    I’m glad I found you as well. You brighten my days with your work. Thank you!
    Fitting that you should be 13. Lucky! 😉

    Distracted? You? You must be working on one hell of a story!

    • …cheers Pamo….13 has always been a regularly appearing number for me & Dee…but this was engineered…had to mess with the line up when I realised I should be on the 13 card!!!…distracted by daylight saving time change thing…always takes me 4-6 weeks to get my body clock back in line…feeling very unmotivated, right in the middle of the penultimate part of the story line…thankfully I’m riding on a 4 week buffer of finished work at the moment so I can afford to slow down till the blah passes…..onwards!…

  4. stripman

    Strangely enough you appear the right way up on my screen. Must be because I’m on the other side of the world and used to living upside down…;o)

  5. Love it…nice to meetya 🙂

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