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New Service Available

…Too Tone Records now provides a commentary free shopping experience…IMG_6663

…yep…we’ve introduced a “cone-of-shut-the-fuck-up-Tony”…


…guaranteed to reduce the mindless verbal diarrhoea to a comforting background buzz….

… I liked it so much I got one for my good friend Dee as well….IMG_6666

… : )

…(caution – don’t try this at home kids, the oxygen wears out in these things damned fast….listen to your mother when she says “don’t put that glass dome over your head”…. it’s a real thing!…).

5 responses to “New Service Available

  1. Great pics! Send some over to us please. I see this as being the newest and greatest trend ever in retail!

  2. You guys have all the fun! 😛

  3. 🐸🐸📦📦 that is all.

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