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3 responses to “MMMMM Meatloaf

  1. Well at least Bob has the decency to be embarrassed.

    Meatloaf, the singer, doesn’t bother me so much. From what I remember from my high school days anyway. But when he crops up on TV or on the internet sometimes, Jeff yells real loud, “MEEEAAAAT loaf?!!!” Then he rolls his eyes and appears to have some sort of seizure.
    I honestly don’t understand his angst over Meatloaf. I assume it’s the ballad nature of his songs. I asked him once, “Why don’t you like Meatloaf?”
    And all he said was, “MEEEAAAT loaf?!!!”

    Meh. Whad do I know about music? Nuttin’ I tell you. Nuttin.

  2. Batty and probably out of your nearest hellmouth.

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