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Surround Drowned

…in Xmas Lps…IMG_6961

…jingle bells…IMG_6962

…jingle bells…IMG_6963

..jingle bells…IMG_6964

…jingle bells…IMG_6965

…jingle bells…IMG_6966

…jingle bells…IMG_6967

…jingle bells…IMG_6968

…jingle bells…IMG_6969

…jingle bells…



…and the award for “Creepiest-Santa-On-A-Record-Label” goes to….


IMG_6971…jingle bells.

13 responses to “Surround Drowned

  1. ginbralter ⋅

    Scary Santa does not like to played at 45rpm because it makes him sound like an Elf or backwards because it makes him say the bad things that make people get hurt.


  2. stripman

    A great collection !

    And Heintje makes me proud to be a Dutchman…;o)

  3. ginbralter ⋅

    Also, if you look closely at the Scary Santa label you will see, under the influence of drugs, that the last song The Sound of Music is followed by a cryptic code that almost says kill650 which might mean something bad probably. It’s just wrong.


  4. Christmas with the happy crickets would be my choice I think but so difficult to choose just one.

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