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From The Other Side

…Aramoana spit from Taiaroa Head…IMG_6859

…unidentifiable brown lump in harbour…IMG_6860

…possibly Nessie on her hol’s….

…possible sight of low cost budget package tour accommodation Nessie booked thru ropey holiday website…IMG_6863

…mmmm….leaky caravan adjacent to road works (Harbour Cone in back ground).

26 responses to “From The Other Side

  1. Everyone wants to go to NZ, even Nessie! 😛

  2. stripman

    ‘Look at the Monster ! Look at the Monster ! Look at the Monster, in distress…’ (Alex Harvey)

    You’ll probably know Harvey’s lp with tales and eyewitness accounts …? (Should be in every second hand shop …;o)

  3. I love the names of the places, but that’s not Nessie, she’s in my office.

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