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This Is Not The Bottle I Thought It Was

…beach walking at Aramoana…had to “tsk” when I sighted a discarded wine bottle at the high water mark on the harbour edge of the spit…

…was pleasantly surprised to find this…IMG_7032 …McGavins brewery was est.1882 (as Union brewery) and fizzled out after a merger with other local brewers in 1923…IMG_7033

… so this bottle has been sitting in the sand dune waiting to be eroded onto the beach….or been floating around (and around and around) for some considerable time….

…hey!…dispose of your festive empties responsibly folks…

…seasons felicitations one and all.

5 responses to “This Is Not The Bottle I Thought It Was

  1. What a delightful find! Good for you picking it up… and so glad you got a special prize.

  2. Cheers and have a cool Yule 🎄❄️☃🍻😊

  3. Happy Christmas TT …and everyone.. I’ve been MIA for a while…should be back soon x

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