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From The Bowels Of The Sketchbook

Scan 840Scan 841Scan 847Scan 848Scan 861Scan 862Scan 863Scan 864Scan 870Scan 871Scan 878Scan 879Scan 886Scan 887Scan 906Scan 907Scan 934Scan 935

…way behind on the finished art….so excuse me whilst I dump the sketchbook stuff I’ve been putting up on tumblr…

…hoping to catch up once the Xmas madness subsides.

13 responses to “From The Bowels Of The Sketchbook

  1. I am too pickled to decipher all this, but am totally impredssed or even impressed by it’s awesomeness. Its fekin awesome. Look forward to the colouring in posts.

  2. stripman

    It looks really terrifying !

    Christmas is gone over here and we’ve just barely survived it. Don’t know if we are ahead or behind you hemispherians ?

    Haven’t seen any pickles lately…

  3. Ok am unpicked now, blimey that’s a lot of mind blowing drawing. Greendickistan sounds like a fun holiday destination!

  4. Unpickled not unpicked. Though you can’t really tell the difference.

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