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Me And Constable

…we go way back…IMG_7263IMG_7264

…I can remember being perplexed by a single panel cartoon in “Cor!!” comic in the early seventies …two burglars in a gallery one is shining his torch on a painting and saying “look Fred, a constable” and the other guy looks like he is having a stroke…didn’t get it..the scene was pastoral…there was no cop… it wasn’t till years later that I realised that the Constable in question was an artist…


….it still didn’t seem very funny.

14 responses to “Me And Constable

  1. stripman

    It made me smile…

    (Maybe I shouldn’t have said that…)

  2. I was reading along, perplexed, until you explained it. And I thought, OH.
    Then I scrolled down and read, “….it still didn’t seem very funny.” I about spit my coffee out! Best laugh of the morning.

    Wonderful painting my dear!!! (Isn’t this the one you sold already? Or is this another?)
    A FABULOUS series!!!!

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