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Yesterday Was Such A Crap Day

…woke up to a blank screen version of my Macbook….

…thankfully tech’Matt could come look at it almost immediately….

…very stressful…dead link to the outside world and only this clunky ol’ PC to get by on….

…I really can’t remember how half of this works and the buttons are  “so much” bigger than what I’m used to that it’s taking forever to correct the mostakes….(ha!…left that in on purpose)….

…if only THIS had rocked up outside yesterday….IMG_7298…I could have done THIS…IMG_7300…to make myself feel better!

8 responses to “Yesterday Was Such A Crap Day

  1. Glad you weren’t off the grid too long. And YUM!

  2. stripman

    I hope young Mac is feeling better now ! And you too…;o)

  3. I think mayhap you will not do well in the apocalypse 🙂

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