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17 responses to “The Title Says More Than I Am Prepared To Discuss

  1. Shamanator ⋅

    I expect to see you 2 stone lighter the next time I buy one of your LOVELY albums.

  2. ginbralter ⋅

    Blue Boy … Ice Cream … Now this?


  3. I am not discussing my rowing machine either. 😕

  4. stripman

    My doctor advised me to stop exercising… It’s true ! And a pity ‘cos I liked doing it…But is was ruining my physical fitness…

  5. Go Tony GOOOO!
    LOVE the colors on this one. And you as a comic on the exer-cycle… FABULOUS!
    But I’m not talking about it with you. Not at all.

  6. Kurt Vonnegut wrote: “We are here on earth to fart around. Don´t let anybody tell you any different.” So, go Tony go!

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