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12 responses to “And Then There Was Two

  1. ginbralter ⋅

    This is timely and weirdly worldly. I was trying to decide one egg or two this morning. I opted for one. It had two yolks. Make of that what thou wilt.

    Lord P


  2. Nature is a cruel mistress. She takes no prisoners.
    But damn she’s beautiful!
    How do you keep cranking out these awesome series??? Nicely done!

    • …cheers Pamo…it’s easy…you take one half way good idea and you slow it right down…riiiiggghhhttt dooowwwnnn…until it’s variations of that one silly theme…..then claim it’s art…. : )

      • Yeah- easy for you my dear. Easy for you. 🙂

      • …think of it as a comments section…one clever idea comes after the one before and before you know it your leading product has t’sown home world and beans are off the menu….

      • That actually makes a lot of sense! On another note….
        I’m trying to accept my drawing level and just be okay with it. I drew a horse yesterday without reference. It turned out just as good as if I had used a reference… not great but you can tell it’s a horse. And for comics… that’s good enough, ya know? (And maybe one day I’ll draw better and maybe one day, I’ll draw almost as good as you. Or maybe not. I’ve got to be okay with that.)
        Can I borrow your carefree attitude? Can you spare a little creative license?
        Wait a minute! You do every time you post. 🙂
        Yea, yea, yea… I’m back to work already.

      • ….(it’s official..Pamo’s internal monologue is now commenting on my blog!!!…I’m honoured)…..forget drawing skill…concentrate on composition…if you recognise it as a horse and some thinks it’s a cow…just agree with them…they’re in the ball park and it could add an unexpected twist to you narrative….fill the space…we’ll accept your offering with open arms…(that’s us in the internet not the royal we…)….

      • Thanks Tony. Again. You are are awesome!

  3. I am wanting to go on holiday to this planet.

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