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Is That St. Pauls Or Sacre Couer

…anyways…according to the Octopied Report it’s not the most ideal place for a coffee at the moment…IMG_7311

…and if you leave crap lying around in the hall way at my house you’re likely to get it repurposed and given back to you as your birthday present…IMG_7398

…happy birthday to house- mate Rob.

19 responses to “Is That St. Pauls Or Sacre Couer

  1. Wow you have a house mate?? There lies tales untold!

  2. eths ⋅

    Sounds good to me!

  3. stripman

    This is clearly getting out of hand… But it looks beautiful !

  4. squids are not as cute as octopussies.

  5. Ah- both of these are FABULOUS!!! I really am digging this series.
    What an awesome birthday present!
    And I’m still in the market for one of these beauties. Keep me informed!!!

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