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What Is Black And White And Red All Over

Scan 6

…a newspaper.


…(not only can I not draw whilst on the exer-cycle…it is also damn near impossible to peddle and read)….

10 responses to “What Is Black And White And Red All Over

  1. I find exercise so BORING. It’s why I can never stick with it. I think it’s why I walk everywhere instead. At least then I can engage with the goings on of the world around me… all while getting somewhat kind of fit. Love the strip, Tony. 😛

  2. stripman

    You should get someone to read you the papers. Just like in these Havana cigar factories…

  3. I love your ‘faster’ self, like a kinda hybrid of sea-horse and toonist.

  4. I’m with Frag- LOVE the faster self. Very creative.
    And that you continue to draw Tony on an Exer-Cycle says you have committed to it. (Or not. What do I know? Just guessing. LOL.)

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