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Pinnipedic Extravaganza

…seals at the head of the Aramoana Mole…IMG_7358IMG_7359…and at the Northern end of Victory Beach….baby seals left to there own devices whilst their mothers fish…IMG_7417IMG_7418IMG_7422…meanwhile back at Aramoana’s Shelley Beach….large male sealion at rest…IMG_7562…sea lion pup, Janet, practicing challenge charges in the dunes…IMG_7564…whilst mother, Pattie, and another female sealion take a nap…IMG_7566…next morning, Pattie & Janet napping on the beach…..IMG_7569IMG_7571…later that same day…Janet most definitely not napping…IMG_7577IMG_7578IMG_7579IMG_7582IMG_7583….and to top the day off…..

….”lunch” with unidentified female sealion….IMG_7587 (1)IMG_7587IMG_7588 (1)IMG_7588IMG_7589 (1)IMG_7589IMG_7594 (1)IMG_7594IMG_7595 (1)IMG_7595IMG_7599 (1)IMG_7599

….I had the Croissant with Camembert.

16 responses to “Pinnipedic Extravaganza

  1. Leighton Anderson ⋅

    Great photos Toot One

  2. fishriderrecords ⋅

    Sea Lion Versus Octopus…?

  3. Nice series of photos, good of them to tell you their names 😊

    • …ha ah..names gleaned from contact with local nature buffs…and it’s nicer than referring to them by the numbers on their tags…yep, they’re tagged…”sealions are as rare as tigers” as my good friend Dee likes to point out…

  4. Great pics, thank you. Is the fish biting the lion? Good to see, that you get off the exercycle, into your great outdoors.

  5. Fabulous!!!
    I’ve never seen any of these sights for real. Glad I get to see them here.

  6. That has gone so wrong, but I can’t delete it. It’s really annoying the inability to delete I think.

  7. Steve Widdicombe ⋅

    Octopus serial killer photos taken by the O.B.I. . We’ll teach you not to eat Octopus’ without Garlic and a Chardonnay you finned fiends THE HORRRROOOR

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