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Last Of The Series

….there will not only “always be an England”…Scan 4

..but also “always be an octopus attack”.

8 responses to “Last Of The Series

  1. So fitting that the last in the series should include Mr. Octopus!
    Love the look on Tony’s face in the final panel. 🙂

    Hey- I think this is the first time I’ve seen you write “Last in….” for anything. Be careful of those Grand Announcements… they bite you in the arse. And I KNOW! LOL!!!

    • …yeah…know what you mean…that marathon in the plotting book I had the other w/end…finally wrote “the end” on the chicken thing franchise story arc…and immediately wrote two more pages…sigh…should have said “no more of these in the foreseeable future”… : )

  2. They’ve taken over your life, man. Like Mormons that won’t leave! 😦

  3. That wouldn’t have happened if you’d drawn the seahorse legs. I wonder what tune the octopus is whistling. I am guessing MyWay.

    • …hmmmm…not peddling with seahorse legs can lead to octopus attack…there should be a warning notice issued with every exercycle!…(octopus is whistling the “Modern Major General” song from the pirates of penzance…oh, you will be sorry you asked…used to perform this “live” in the workplace when a work colleague & myself formed an annoying-whistling-in-the-workplace collective…we were asked to stop…..repeatedly)….

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