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….we have…IMG_7731

…reached “peak-Jesus”….IMG_7730

…sorry new-bargain-Jesus….IMG_7732

…you will just have to sit on the floor till we find a bigger wall.


…(oh crap!….the cats book…I didn’t notice that!….er…it’s Rob’s and he had it on the coffee table…ironically on the coffee table….honest).

30 responses to “Jesus

  1. Maximum Jesiosity, I see! 😛

  2. ginbralter ⋅

    Your reflected arm in the glass looks like Jesus is pointing to God, with an overly large naked arm. Paul


  3. yes, I was wondering where the octopus was too. Am sure it would make a nice change from whining brats. 🙂

  4. Between Jesus, the cat book, and the comments… this has to be the BEST blog post ever!

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