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So I Saw This In A Book Review

…the book is called “As Above, So Below: Art Of American Fraternal Society 1850-1930…


…it is beautiful…with a foreword by David Byrne….

…I need to buy this book so that I could look at the image above EVERY day…

…sad face – no funds….

…but I could try to make one, right?…


…primitive early attempts…IMG_8558IMG_8559IMG_8560…old mirror frame that’s been lying around half re-furb’ed for years….IMG_8637…tissue paper “template for bones…IMG_8557IMG_8636IMG_8638IMG_8639IMG_8649IMG_8650

…the advent of the electric knife (early skulls carved with box cutter blades) made life easier, messier, but easier….IMG_8783IMG_8816…under painting…poster paint + PVA glue…IMG_8834

…tissue paper layer…IMG_8835IMG_8837

…tissue paper/coloured PVA layer…IMG_9062IMG_8958

…linseed oil on frame…IMG_9066…final tissue layer & hung….IMG_9067IMG_9068


….( I didn’t seek permission to use the image of the original that inspired me…but would hope that every one that can afford a copy of the book will buy one to make me jealous)….

…(and this is why there haven’t been any “octopied” paintings of late….more soon as I’ve had a spate of sales and need to re-stock!!!)….

…(but I’d rather be making more skull&bones now that I’ve discovered I can work in 3d!!).

18 responses to “So I Saw This In A Book Review

  1. Claire ⋅

    Me likey!! I’ve looked at that book online. If I buy it I’ll bring it in to show you.

  2. Beautiful work. You would love our local soccer club: .

    And by the way, now you became a sculptor, do you know my former flatmates Greg Downie and/or John Hill?

  3. That’s cool sculpting, think you should have weathered the bones though, some light and shade paint to match the original. 💀😊

  4. Put two on my side, just for you Tony, for inspiration.

  5. Phenomenal! Loved this when it came through my email and love it still. YOU ROCK!!!

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