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8 responses to “Not To Be Confused With The Little Green Men In The Other Story Line

  1. what other story line??

    Is Jesus going to jammed too?

  2. but are they back on earth now or is this one of those flash-back things?

    • …um…I’ll let you decide…I guess I Should run them in seperate categories…rather than assuming everyone can read my mind (and follow the jumble that the contents of my mind are!)…that seems fairer…and more interactive…

    • I love how Frag works to figure this stuff out. And figure it out she does! Great insight and a natural comic talent in her own right.
      Give her a dollop of jam!!!
      Love the colors Tony and it’s damn funny too!!!

      • …cheers Pamo…Frag’ seems to know more about what’s going on than I do…which is probably for the best…that way she can answer own questions that I can’t remember the answers for!…. : )

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