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6 responses to “On The Way

  1. so the jamming WAS a flashback. Ok, back to it. 🙂

    • …or a different reality stream altogether…

      • Ah right, a bit like watching an episode from series 3 when its series 4 that’s showing. Geddit. 😊

      • …you got it!…the “other-time-line” stuff is usually single A4 or A5 pages…faster to complete… so I use them to stay ahead of the main thread…i.e. “Dollop of Jam” pages are all A5 bar one…I can do two pages A5 as fast as 1 page A4…so I get two “posts” worth for the time of one page in the main story arc…gives me breathing space to finish off 2-3 page pieces…been thinking that I should senate them out into different categories of some time…but am in love with the jumbled affect of just dropping in random “thoughts” to confuse everyone….including myself!….

  2. Dropping in random thoughts works. You keep us, your loyal fans, thinking and wondering and waiting.

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