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After A Brief Break

…at the secret brief break location…IMG_1101IMG_1100IMG_1071IMG_1094IMG_1097IMG_1077IMG_1086IMG_1083IMG_1084IMG_1091IMG_1103IMG_1102…I now find myself with 30 plus weeks of cartoons to draw….IMG_1099

…finally got the brain space to organise and plot a great big chunk from the chaos of my notebook &  journal from 8 years ago…either written whilst “working” in a sheet metal factory or at my cousin Phil & family’s kitchen table….been meaning to do something about it since I got back….not so many ideas going into the sketch  book of late, so I’m glad I “prepared” this earlier….


12 responses to “After A Brief Break

  1. Secret place photo’s are stunning, will look forward to seeing your old ideas come to fruition 🙂

  2. stripman

    Very nice ! I thought there was just one tree at first, but there are more in the other pictures…;o)

  3. Incredible landscape. Love your working process. It all folds together in time.

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