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So Anyway


…I’m in the back garden splitting wood when there’s a flurry of feathers between the fence and the apartments next door…lotsa feathers…white and black….black flew out… couldn’t see what it was…white popped up onto the fence, heart pounding like a jack hammer, looked fit to burst…turned around to go get my camera….black was behind me on the peak of the house roof…a New Zealand Falcon, Karearea….rare as all hell… hunting urbanly…terrorising the neighbours doves….and sitting on my house!!!…. a very beautiful bird of prey….no camera….I’m between it and it’s intended target…it’s between me and my camera…slowly moved inside…it fly off before I could make three paces….neighbours dove stayed put for two more hours before it snuck home….I can understand why….


…carry that camera ALL the time.

7 responses to “So Anyway

  1. Yes I learned that lesson too. Off to google NZ falcon!

  2. He would have flown over from the Eco sanctuary up the hill I would say – food must be better in town

  3. anarkaytie ⋅

    Ooh, now I have one more thing to watch out for around the Valley on my walks!
    Nice chatting to you the other day, finally got around to looking this up. Noice!

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