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Sunday Morning Coming Down

…to work…to find….IMG_1420IMG_1421IMG_1422IMG_1425…I’m most certainly not “lovin’ it”.

11 responses to “Sunday Morning Coming Down

  1. stripman

    That’s not very funny…

  2. Oooo I’m lovin’ time a friend of mine threw up all over her front door after a night out…but the neighbours blamed her 6ft two tattooed and teetotal biker boyfriend…makes me think this couldve been done by an early rising four year old with a penchant for mcbreakfasts and a delicate tummy…but..yeuch.

  3. oh urk! :/ get a guard dog.

  4. Maybe they ate Cardboardies and got a license to vomit on the toonist’s doorstep, ya think?

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