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6 responses to “An Honest Living

  1. Are you HIRING, Tony? COOL! Like you, I would be an incredible asset (sittin’ on my ass?) to Too Tone Records: I used to be a hit-man for the Georgia mafioso. That is to say, I used to do one-hits all the time on my bong.

    • …the only prerequisite for the job is…do you eat flies?…(and small…kinda small to medium…rodents)….

      • Anna Lemma Mucosa ⋅

        Ahh, you mean most of your clientele. The scarfies do need a wee bit of salt, but roasted over an early 80’s overstuffed couch sporting unidentified stains, they’re choice, cuz.

  2. Seems a perfect fit! 🙂

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