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20 Years Ago

…I submitted this to a large compilation comic for a Canadian (I think) comics con’…Scan 4Scan 5Scan 6Scan 7

…apart from a kids book, this remains my only piece published overseas….

…er…unless you count nearly four years of world wide web stuff.

9 responses to “20 Years Ago

  1. Awesome drawing, love all the different NZers faces, and that the Black Sheep reads the Marvel comic πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Cabrera, Carlos ⋅

    Hey man I am the guy from America you met awhile back. I took your picture and hope you it. Cheers


  3. When I saw this one in my mail box last week, I was so delighted! It’s educational and really REALLY funny. Well done!
    And yes- publishing on the web definitely counts. It’s a new era and you are at the forefront.
    (I didn’t know New Zealand had so many sheep!)

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