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The Moaning Is Over

…for years I’d felt aggrieved after reading an article about a New York secondhand  record dealer, who claimed to regularly find money, joints & tabs (nay, sheets!!) of acid slipped into Lp covers, that I had NEVER found a single “buyer’s bonus”….

…until yesterday….IMG_2375…the drought is over…

…these were stuffed down the side of an apple box worth of 7″ 45s….

…(one is even Too Tone “branded”)….IMG_2376…not joints or acid or cash, I’ll admit, but Dunedin is the Edinburgh of the South.

…(oh… and the moaning?….it isn’t really over).

5 responses to “The Moaning Is Over

  1. Well you hit the jackpot! Nice finds 🙂

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