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7 responses to “Last Page Of Old Faithful

  1. So how many notebooks do you have stacked up?! (You don’t have to answer that- I imagine it’s a ton.)
    I finished the cereal consult story- so check it out if you get the time. Thanks again for letting me borrow your ideas. It’s back to my reality for now. 😉
    Carry on.

    • …um…10 or so …I’m a bit erratic with the notebooks….sometimes I’m 4 or 5 pages a week…sometimes nothing for years!….(I always have time for your ‘toons Pamo)….

      • Thanks Tony.
        I’m no good at keeping notebooks- I journal daily (writing)- but the drawings go everywhere- the notebooks get too precious and I lose my desire to use them.
        (I was having trouble with WordPress- so I had to refollow your blog several times to get it to take. I think WordPress must be updating their system because I’m having trouble posting on BR, etc…. or it could just be me. Ha!)

      • …welcome back, I missed you!…yeah, getting attached to them is always hard…you gotta treat ’em rough and save all that love and respect for you finished art…remember – the sketch book/journal thing is just for getting your ideas down before they float away…the finished art is what you present to the world…(and subsequently should be the most openly proud of)…….

        ….(I think!)….. : )

      • I think you are right on target. Great words of wisdom my friend. Truly.

      • …coulda been wiser if I wasn’t watching walrus cam’ out of the corner of my eye… : )

      • LOL! How could you not!

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