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Further To Their Conversation


…glad we cleared that up.


…and why the Walrus?….

…record shop time wasting “device” No.875/42b….

…your welcome.

6 responses to “Further To Their Conversation

  1. That walrus cam is fascinating!
    Bob will interview anyone. Hahaha! Love the guys getting eaten on the left side of the first panel.
    AMAZING colors!!! And amazing detail as always.
    Never confirm or deny…. never.

    • …oh yeah, walrus cam is my fav’…sometimes when they’re not on the beach you see arctic foxes!!!!…I can never confirm or deny….always , still, making my mind up….cheers Pamo….

  2. Not the sharpest tool in the box that Bob. Walrus cam is awesome, their tusks are bonkers, they were all lolling around together when I watched 😊

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