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Down And Out In A Secret Location

…it was supposed to be a holiday….

IMG_3155IMG_3156IMG_3158…dinner time – day one….IMG_3159IMG_3160IMG_3162IMG_3163IMG_3170IMG_3171IMG_3172IMG_3174IMG_3175…name of secret location blurred to keep it secret….IMG_3178IMG_3180IMG_3182IMG_3183…dinner time  – day two…IMG_3184IMG_3187IMG_3188IMG_3189IMG_3191IMG_3192IMG_3193IMG_3194IMG_3195IMG_3196…Dee arrives day 3….IMG_3199…aww hell…here’s the whole thing….IMG_3201

…you can keep a secret, can’t you?…IMG_3202

…(been hankering to make some circus side show banners…can’t get an old tent for love nor money at the moment so I’m starting with these canvas fold up beds that I found….just feeling my way thru the process so I can fool myself into thinking I know what I’m doing when I finally track down something larger…”treated” the canvas with a couple of coats of interior low sheen vinyl paint, y’know, like gesso but cheaper because it was in the shed….8 test pots from the local Resene’s paint outlet and a $10 pack of assorted “artists” brushes from the Stationary Warehouse to aid with the colouring in…and there you have it…approx’ 30 hrs of holiday mayhem over 2 and a half days….very relaxing…..finishing touches going on over the next couple of days…more pic’s once it’s done).

18 responses to “Down And Out In A Secret Location

  1. Oh this is a big WOW of a post! Epic art Mr.Tones. Love seeing the beginnings middles and ends, and you drawing attention away from the art with your decoy glasses and tape measure, sneaky. The big reveal was fab, and Dee a perfect magicians assistant. Bravo m’sieur!

  2. That is freakin’ AWESOME. I hate trying to paint things that size but boy do you make it look relaxing and fun! And easy! (Even though it’s clearly not easy.)

    • …cheers Tony…it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be…way more confident I can tackle something even larger now!…and it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever done bar murals of other folks art….

  3. stripman

    Now someone will have to start a circus…

  4. LOVE this, its wonderful, great work 🙂

  5. Awesome!!!! I will always love your colors.
    Dee is fantastic too- a lovely person.
    And now I wish I had a secret location! Tony’s right- you make it look easy- but it’s not. Fabulous!

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