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School Holiday Programme

…this school holidays we have been running a programme for fathers (it’s always the fathers) who appear to be running out of ways to entertain the kids and turn up here, at Too Tone Records…

…here is a father taking part in our “how-to-get-the-rest-of-the-family-to ignore-you-all-holidays-and-possibly-have-you-put-somewhere-quite-&-padded” camouflage course….img_3644….he’s our star pupil.


…(hey!…Arthur & Eddie!…your Dad’s on the interweb!).

…(seriously though, love it when folks visit with the kids….because the kids, more often than not, are better behaved than most of my regular customers).

2 responses to “School Holiday Programme

  1. They must be so proud……:D

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