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Uh Oh


…aww, man….I fell off my schedule…you know, the one that allows me to publish up to 4 or 5 fresh coloured A4 pages week for your edification and entertainment….

….decorating and turning my house inside out after my house mate moved on is cutting into my drawing time so I’m having to go to once a week posting of full colour fresh stuff…will try and appease you, my regulars, with photos and wise words….bare with me…normal transmission will be resumed as soon as I get my evenings “back”….

…. : )

6 responses to “Uh Oh

  1. Stlye salon???? Love all the octodo’s. Sometimes real life gets in the way of ones artistic calling, you just have to deal and crack on. great channeling of TP2 😊

  2. Excuses! *WHIP CRACK!* 😛

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