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From The Office Of The President Of The Vinyl Filled State Of Tootonekstan


….after 7 years of 6 day weeks, no holidays (apart from longish w/ends in Kokonga), no sick leave (except for one and a half days where I could barley stand),  whilst celebrating the the fourth anniversary of the cut off date for employing a part timer and this being the third summer that I have clasped my hands together and batted my eyelashes towards the heavens while intoning the mantra “maybe this summer there’ll be enough money saved to get new glasses”, I’ve decided to call time on Too Tone Records….

…nope, that’s it… no discussion will be entered into, no business advice will be taken, no cajoling will be succumbed to… I’m off to find a nice mindless shit-job and save up for being able to see clearly again….(and maybe buy some new underpants)….

…all the stock from the back room is groomed and ready to be presented in three weekly doses of 3-400 new arrivals avalanches…everything will be offered for sale to my loyal locals and any “foreign-devils” lucky enough to be in the area before it is packed away to be sold, over time, on Trade Me….

…last day of shop trade will be January 15th 2017….hurry whilst stocks last.

…a huge shout out and my undying gratitude to all my regulars, from here, from there, from overseas….. without your dedication to hunting for black plastic discs I wouldn’t have been able to do the biz for as long as I have,  sorry if I haven’t been able to tell you all about shutting shop personally, but time and circumstances can’t facilitate that….to all the naysayers and over precious obsessives…fuck you – go bother someone else… : )

…to my suppliers, come and have a yarn and we’ll stock take…

…huge props to the Feastock team, you are legendary…Feastock tickets?…the committee are on to it and will inform you in good time as to the whereabouts of  their new ticket outlet….(see you all up there)….

…an especially huge thank you to my good friend Dee whose support & loyalty to the Too Tone brand has got me thru some rough patches…

Tone Out



… (truth be told…. I couldn’t bring myself to continue running a small business without John Key at the helm of Godzone…thank you John for all the support, tax breaks, mentoring and custom over the years…it’s been real….).

34 responses to “From The Office Of The President Of The Vinyl Filled State Of Tootonekstan

  1. Wow, well that’s big news for the vinyl afficionados of Dunedin and surrounding land mass! A big decision no doubt, and must be a bit scary considering how old you are 😉
    Seriously good luck in your next venture 🙂 You’ll still be tooning though?

    • …cheers Frag’…not scary…liberating!!!…(and…there will be new underpants!)….

      • Ah the millstone around the neck syndrome. I liberated myself from mine in April this year, still can’t afford new underpants and my specs have one arm araldited into position 🙄but I’m happy in my new job and that’s the best feeling. Whatcha gonna be doing or don’t you know yet?

  2. New Fiend

    Shite. Was hoping to come down and get a load of stuff during Lines Of Flight in March. Thanks for all the previous purchases and best of luck for the future!

  3. I’ve always enjoyed my visits whenever I get back to Dunedin. And I have some real treasures as a result. Just bummed that your closing less than a week before my next visit. Thanks Tony and all the best. Chris from Waiheke

  4. Big decision dude, all the best. 9 to 5 means weekends free for comic drawing!

  5. New Underpants Mnnnn. New Blog name? I think you are doing a fantastic thing. Onwards and onwards, don’t look in the rear view mirror unless you like seeing your nose look weird. Impressive sandwich in your picture.

  6. What a shock in the morning. How can I (can we, the readers from around the world) help? Please keep going with your mind-bloggling art. Good luck to find some basic income.

  7. Ian ⋅

    Sucks man…I now have zero reasons to come to Dunedin.
    It was only the regular dose of abuse that I crave kept me coming back!

    Yep…it’s all about me.

    Good luck Tony.
    Ian from Alexandra.

  8. stripman

    Ah… oh… I’m hanging upside down in my seat…
    Maybe you could be a full time cartoonist en sell some old records in your spare time ?

  9. Tony, I had thought you’d retired from blogging earlier in the year when your posts stopped arriving, but it seems that I unfollowed you somehow – fixed. Great that you are going to keep tooning and blogging. Alistair

    • …cheers Alistair…I’m going thru a bit of lull a the mo’ whilst I de-consrtruct the record shop…but I’ll be back to more of the same soon….glad you re-found me!… (still loving your stuff…more!…more I say…)….

  10. Just saw this Tony. I’m sure your decision was made with care and a great deal of angst. I also imagine you feel a great deal of freedom (in between the pangs of loss) at having made it.

    I’m excited for you- this new chapter in life. Life is far, far too short to spend it doing something that doesn’t fulfill your needs and expectations.

    Dunedin will most certainly feel the loss and for years to come there will be echo’s of “Remember Too Tone Records? Damn- I miss it.”

    I hope you and Dee and all your family and friends have a great Christmas and wonderful New Year.

    I look forward as always to your art and wit and all around awesomeness. Art on!

  11. Oops, just booming yer stats backwards and saw this, wow big decision, good on ya…as long as you’re still ‘tooning (but I don’t think you can stop eh?). Like Fraggle R I changed stuff up in the last couple of years, jumped off the cliff, still falling..its aray as hell and hasn’t let up,but I know I’m alive :D.. andhey, you know?what else can you do?An we’re only here once…best of luck TT..

    • …cheers Clair…I seem to do this every 7-8 years…good for the soul!…no time for ‘tooning at the moment…am very busy with everyone else ‘s record shop grief….but soon….soon….

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  13. Dave Mckay ⋅

    love to you 2TONE, thanks for all the tunes over the year…“`DrD

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