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From The Childhood Stamp Collection


…via the sketch book…scan-2scan-3scan-4scan-5scan-6scan-7

…a little something I jammed out whilst taking a pre-shop-close break…

…seed planted by Scotty…who talked murals then never got back….

…Scotty, phone home.

…(shit…not much brain space for drawing or posting at the moment…whoda thought telling everyone you’re closing their favourite record shop would cause soooo much chaos…thank the little baby Jesus it’s not  Christmas any time soon….)

…(stamp collection seems to end in 1976 with the Xmas issue of that year…I would’ve been 13/14…mmm….records…..).

…(really in love with that 4 colour ballpoint pen…it’s so messy!).

5 responses to “From The Childhood Stamp Collection

  1. AW Butterflysies and Lord Rudi Rutherford, too cute! 🙂

  2. Butterflysies!They’ll never be anything else now!I love those four colour pens too!

    • …only hassle with those four colour pens is that it takes four times as long to cover a sketchbook page….gotta use ’em all!…(butterflysies is fast becoming part of the vernacular…).

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