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Holiday Opening Hours

….(why didn’t someone tell me Xmas was that close)….

….CLOSED Sunday 25th December (Christmas Day)

Monday 26th December (Boxing Day)

….usual hours apply between the stat’s but I reserve the right to piss off early if it’s not busy…not before 4.30 , I promise… : )

Sunday 1st January (New Years Day)

Monday 2nd January

…last lot of new stock available for “viewing” 27th December 10.30 am…..

….pictured below are the last Lps that I’ll clean for Too Tone stock….


…(with a tear in my eye & OSS/RSI in my shoulder).

6 responses to “Holiday Opening Hours

  1. I was telling my muso hubby about your giving up your shop and getting a proper job, and he was surprised that with vinyl making such a resurgence at the moment, that things weren’t on the up. I told him I think you only do weird shit, or that maybe Dunedin is a one hoss kinda town, but thinking about it I’m not that certain 🙄.

  2. Divyam

    Wishing you a happy Xmas and a happy new year, Tony! 😊

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