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Inovation Inovation Inovation

…there are no more lps to put in the recent arrivals bin….

…everything is now filed in the “General Alphabetical” or its respective “Genre” bins…img_6293…so I’ve invented this…img_6294…Ladies & Gentlemen I give you the “Recent Removals” bin…stock buried in the stacks…passed over (& over) for the last 18 months or so… destined to be thrown to the Trade Me wolves…but maybe worth one more flick thru…

…de-digit your sphincters….

…only 6 more Too Tone days until the end of reality as I know it.

17 responses to “Inovation Inovation Inovation

  1. 6 days, very exciting. Then what?

  2. Hey.TT…just dropped by to say hi…hope life is good…you are missed!

  3. There are more waiting for, that U return to the drawing board and hopefully fart around on a blog. Let us know, please.

  4. Checking in… miss ya.

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