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img_6518…so I closed the shop 12 months ago today…after creating record-retail panic by telling everyone I was closing, but they’d get to see all the “out the back” stock, over three weeks, before I shut for good…..I managed to walk out debt free and with enough cash to take a break… ….played a confusing prank on everyone who wanted to throw me a “surprise” party on the last day…which included putting up the above sign and going for a long drive on a beautiful sunny day without telling anyone….(first bunk day in seven years!)…

…not sure who organised the party…but I have my suspicions…

….last customer was by far the worst ever…

…(badly balanced beverage…un-contained crumb producing thing on a plate…arrgh!!)…

…but he’s poorer for the experience…as I am richer : )

…stood on the same spot for seven years…

…then walked across the road and asked for a job at the supermarket…

…now I wear a hi-viz, drive a forklift as an afternoon/evening storeperson and take home nearly twice what I was earning from the shop….

…aaaand I still spend my mornings redistributing the left-over shop stock on the internet….

…which is why I have little or no time to sketchbook or draw or blog…

…but am finding the occasional moment to paint…

…based on current sales figures, the remaining stock should be all gone in 3-4 months…then, when my time is my own again, I’ll see if I can remember how to guide a pencil round a page….





17 responses to “Update

  1. Ah…the end is in sight…

  2. stripman

    Well… that answers just about all my questions. Nice to see you’re alive and kicking…;o)

  3. Nice to see your smiley face, and am pleased for NZ girls that Satan is keeping them busy. What on earth is the brown icing stuff on your cake?

  4. Thiefal ⋅

    Quite the journey mate… looking forward to catching up over a few rounds of calvados when I get back to Dunedin.

  5. fishriderrecords ⋅

    Miss you long time Tony. It’s just not the same going into a record shop in Dunedin without someone scowling at you from behind the counter while carving skull & cross-bones with a dangerous-looking craft knife.

  6. Love the pic with the carpet 😉 Had my own ideas what it shows and was wandering 😉

  7. … wondering … sorry, my english

  8. Ah, tone, I’ve missed your burbling

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