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Never Start With The Big Ticket Items

….unless you are brimming with stupid confidence that nothing could possibly go wrong….

…Toneware….now brimming with stupid confidence.

10 responses to “Never Start With The Big Ticket Items

  1. keri mc donnell ⋅


  2. keri mc donnell ⋅

    “toneware” … amazing, no wonder you’re brimming with confidence!

  3. I think your stupid confidence is misplaced, these’ll sell like hot cakes to anyone with Goth/Emo/Buffy/Viking/Druid/Aztec/Inca/Serial Killer tendencies! I’d have one for me shed if the postage costs were not so astronomical. Still, if you deliver……:D

  4. Damn. I want one… 😛

    • ….cheers Tony…just say the word… (over and over…just under you breath…until, finally, you give in to your fondest desire…and only then will the table be yours…)…(oh, and then there’s the postage)…

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