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14 responses to “Only Three More Coats Of Polyurethane

  1. Am liking the octopus and skull combo. Octoskull or Scoctopus decor, not sure which has the better ring to it. 💀🐙

  2. Nice! I think I’d recognize your work anywhere. 🙂

  3. Jan De Stripman van Vlierden ⋅

    Very impressive !

  4. Like it, you could do Snakes and Ladders … how about a chess board? Fuck it, nobody tells you what to do. Keeping octopied.

  5. It’s the men that do what they’re told that do most harm.

  6. adrian hall ⋅

    Wind-moggling, old chap … a pleasure to witness – thanks.

  7. Keri Mc Donnell ⋅


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