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The Quest For Free Beer

….take the recently emptied, stoneware receptacle from the strong, imported beer you like….remove labels, rinse, decorate, add floral fascinator and sell for slightly more than you paid for it…..

…carry money to beer outlet and buy another beer….

…repeat process….

…if sobriety persists, decorate more bottles faster.

3 responses to “The Quest For Free Beer

  1. This is … a good thing. Recycle. One only ever rents booze. The Bottle Garden inverted is a thing.

  2. Impressive extractor pipe there, are the fumes from the beer?

    • ….nope…fumes from burning skulls and cross bones into wooden things with varnish on them….winter coming, had to be able to do it inside!….(….maybe fumes from beans…sometimes….)….

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