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12 responses to “Things To Do With Redundant Cd Display Separators

  1. Ummm. A tumblr post of just a white square is what I’m seeing, with your words and tags at the bottom of it. In the reader and on your site just the same. If there’s supposed to be a picture in it, something has gone wrong.

  2. Keri Mc Donnell ⋅

    those swatches are brilliant! you have a fantastic mind,

  3. Pamo ⋅

    This is simply beautiful! I love the wood and your designs are really amazing.
    You are a lefty? I always wanted to be left handed but am decidedly right handed.
    Very creative reuse too. The sound of the creaking wood is a nice touch.

  4. Pamo ⋅

    I think I commented on this somewhere else… apparently, I am now WordPress challenged…. as I am in logical thinking… Of course.
    Anyhow, keep up the videos- I think they are fabulous!
    I’m back to paint land. Looking forward to your next art installment.

  5. Pamo ⋅

    I’m not capable of being serious for an extended period of time- but I go there every now and then. 😉 I’ll see you in the funny pages and perhaps occasionally in the serious painterly pages. Although the painting I’m working on now (#2) is looking rather comical. Time will tell. I figure I can’t judge anything I’m doing until I put a lot more paint on a lot more canvases. Exciting!

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