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14 responses to “Look Clouds

  1. Well you can’t go wrong looking at clouds. It is a beauty.

  2. Those are quite painterly clouds!
    I didn’t get this post in my email, so I’m late commenting. I’m not sure what I’ve done- probably toggled off some switch- I’ll have to fix that.
    I haven’t posted in awhile on Pamo’s World- but I did make two comics! Yay! But the process for me was such a struggle, (wasn’t enjoying it), I decided to do some painting on canvas instead. I’ve been having a blast!! I’m so glad to be back to doing actual art- enjoying drawing because it’s fun and pushing paint around.
    Thank you Tony for always being such an inspiration in art and life…. even when you post painterly clouds.
    Now get back to drawing. 😉

    • …ooo…ooo…gotta see the new Pamo stuff…(may even return to art stuff instead of looking at clouds)….was thinking of you and Jeff the other day when news of that awful hit and run up north of you folk came thru…hope all your buds are safe and well….

      • I’ll be posting soon….
        Art and looking at clouds are certainly interrelated.
        Thank you for your kind thoughts. No one we knew- but horrific all the same.

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