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Something Tentacly This Way Comes

….Kokonga white-outs on paint by numbers/amateur oils from a couple weeks ago….

….psychedelic carpet?…..

….the perfect background for tentacly goodness.

14 responses to “Something Tentacly This Way Comes

  1. Pamo ⋅

    Very Cool!!! I love how the octopus arms are pulling down the sailboats and how his head comes up in differing angles on each support. The arms wrapping around the light house and sea cliffs is also very well done. Wonderful!!!

  2. Pamo ⋅

    Just curious- you may have said before- but how do you find the paint by number supports? Are these paintings you’ve done at some time or do you find them at thrift shops?
    I can never find the paint by numbers paintings at second hand stores- someone else must grab them all.
    (My mother used to do them all the time.)

  3. Have to disagree on the busy carpet. Your masterpieces don’t need any distractions from the background, get them on white or black. Seriously. Preferably white.

  4. adrian. ⋅

    On ya Squire! Good to see . . . thanx

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